Vehicle Transport and Shipping by Rail

Shipping FAQ

When shipping by train, the only items you are allowed to have inside your vehicle are tires, child car seats when affixed, jumper cables and minor tools (factory items, properly stowed), driver manual, first-aid or emergency supplies kit, ice scraper and snow brush, spare tire and tire changing tools, and car cover.

A specially designed wheel chock is used to secure your vehicle to the train. The device stops your vehicle from moving, and only your tires are in contact with the device and the train. Your vehicle is not strapped or chained.

Railways in Canada handle over 3 million vehicles every year, and the majority of these vehicles are brand new. Enclosed rail containers are used to ensure that your vehicle is protected throughout the transport process.

We offer vehicle shipping services within Canada by open car carriers/transport trucks. Depending on your origin and destination locations, shipping by truck may be the only option, but for longer shipments, a combination of shipping by truck and by train may be used. Shipping vehicles by truck is the most popular mode of transport due its cost-effectiveness and faster timelines.

You are allowed 150LBS pounds of personal items; however, we ask you not to load anything above the window line. Our driver requires full view in order to safely load and offload the vehicle.
We will conduct a full inspection report of the vehicle, identifying any pre-existing scratches - dents - chips; it will also include your information. You will receive copies of the document outlining the condition we received it in.

Your vehicle will be driven onto the car transport trailer; it will be secured by one or two different methods depending on the equipment used. The most popular method is with tire straps. These straps go over the tires and secure the vehicle to the trailer. No part of the trailer or the strap touches any part of your vehicle other than the tire. On some older trailers, chains are used to secure the frame of your vehicle to the car transport trailer.

We can help move your vehicle via rail within Canada. Keep in mind that not every rail service provider offers car shipping services in every city so depending on where you’re shipping from and to, the shipping modes may be different. (Truck, Rail, or combination of both)

Tracking FAQ

This method is very expensive as it’s a dedicated truck and trailer just for your vehicle. If you need an expedited shipment and guaranteed pickup and delivery dates, we offer this type of service.

Please contact us immediately. For the damage claim procedures, click here.

Updates will be provided throughout the shipping process while your vehicle is at the terminal(s) and while in transit. The online tracking portal will have the latest information regarding your shipment.

Once your vehicle is ready for pickup we will send you an email with the address.

Most terminals are only open from Monday to Friday 9-4, but some offer after-hours drop-off and pickup. Please check with us regarding the terminals for your shipment.

The dispatcher will call you prior to pick up and/or delivery. Please make sure we have the most up-to-date and a backup phone number(s).

We accept E-Transfers and VISA (Visa terminal fees apply)

For estimated transit and wait times across Canada please see our shipping schedules page.

We require photos of your vehicle when you drop off at the terminal. See here for more details.